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Tax Planning Services for Businesses and Individuals

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Nearly every financial decision you make, whether for your individual finances or your business, has tax implications. Making a decision without understanding these implications can increase your tax liability and even cost you extra in interest and penalties. With the right tax planning guidance, however, you may be able to reduce your tax liability while avoiding interest and unnecessary fees (or penalties) entirely.

Making the most of your income and investments is easier when you work with the tax planning professionals at Bui Taxology. Our tax planning strategies go beyond basic compliance to help you maximize your income and move toward achieving your long-term financial goals.

What is tax planning at Bui Taxology? We help a diverse range of businesses:

  • Grow and preserve assets while minimizing tax liability

  • Defer income and expenses to pay less in taxes now

  • Reduce income taxes for enhanced income preservation

  • Better manage finances throughout the year with part-time CFO services

  • Become more financially successful with comprehensive planning services

  • Individual Tax Planning

Tax planning is about much more than counting deductions and filing a 1040 in April of every year. At Bui Taxology, our Tax Professionals can design a customized tax strategy that meets your specific financial needs. We can help you preserve your income and assets by:

  • Minimizing tax liability on income and investments with year-round planning

  • Deferring income and expenses to future years for better long-term financial planning

  • Reducing tax liability on your estate so your family can keep more of what you make

  • Reducing taxes on gifts so you can share more of your money safely

  • Reducing taxes on your retirement income so you can relax

  • Maximizing tax deductions so you can keep more of your income

In most cases, hiring a professional tax planner allows you to save more in tax liability than our services will cost. When you choose us, you’ll have experienced tax accountants on your side that will meticulously review your tax situation to create the best long term strategy for you. Whether you need comprehensive tax planning services for your business, file your year-end return, or need financial advice for the upcoming year, Bui Taxology is here to help you.

For more information about our tax planning services and strategies, please complete the Contact Us form below.

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