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Our Tax Preparation Services include:

  • Federal Tax Preparation

  • Corporate Tax Preparation

  • Partnership Tax Preparation

  • Foreign  Tax Preparation

  • Small Business Tax Return Preparation

  • Multi-State Tax Preparation

  • Quarterly Tax Preparation (Federal, State and Unemployment Taxes)

  • Monthly Tax Preparation (Federal, State and Unemployment Taxes)

  • Sales and Use Tax Preparation

  • Electronic Filing of Federal and Multi-States

  • Tax Planning and Consultation

  • Tax Amendments

  • Notary Services

Where to start? (Applies to New and Returning Clients)

*Please read instructions carefully to ensure your return(s) will be processed in a timely manner. 

For new clients, the initial 45-min phone consultation is free.*

Step 1. Download the organizer(s)

If you receive a 1099-MISC and/or have a small business, please download both the Individual and the Small Business Tax Organizer below. If not, just the Individual Tax Organizer needed.

Step 2. Compile all tax documents necessary and send to in one email please. See organizer(s) and list below.

Please submit tax preparation organizer and necessary forms along with the following documents that apply to you;

failure to do so may delay processing of your tax return. We also understand that some forms may not be readily available to you. In that case, please notate that on the organizer:

  • 2-3 years of your previous returns (New Clients Only)

  • Copy of valid driver’s license/state issued ID card

  • Wage information

  • Childcare expenses (if applicable)

  • Banking Information (Not required but needed for Direct Deposit)

  • Students, Form 1098 T

  • Homeowners, Form 1098

  • 1099

  • Business use of home(if applicable)

  • Property tax and other big purchases

  • Vehicle expenses and receipts for business (if applicable)

  • Unemployment Benefits

  • Moving Expenses

  • Anything else that may affect your return

Step 3. Tax planning and consultation meeting (If not needed, see step 4)

After confirmation that all necessary documents are received, we can book a phone consultation. For new clients, the initial 45-min phone consultation is absolutely free. Prior to the phone consultation, we will send you a draft tax return for you to review during the call. Any other questions and concerns can also be brought up during the consultation. 

Step 4. Review Documents from Bui Taxology

We will send you a final draft of your return along with an estimate from Bui Taxology to review. Please carefully review all documents. Once you have confirmed and approved the documents, we will move forward to the next step.

Step 5. Filing your return(s)

As proof of acceptance, payment will be required beforehand. Banking information Once we confirm payment, we will file your return(s) and send you confirmation from the IRS.

Step 6. Relax. You're done! Give us some feedback?

If you sent us original documents, we will mail them back if requested. Other than that, you are set. We value your opinion and would like to invite you to leave us some feedback or tips for others seeking tax help on Yelp! or Google!

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